Welcome to Carbon County, Wyoming

WELCOME to the Carbon County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) and Carbon County, Wyoming! In addition to supporting our mission of developing economic opportunities in Carbon County that will build stable communities for future generations, our website is designed to be a major link of information to other organizations and services throughout the county.

OPPORTUNITY is knocking in Carbon County! The CCEDC is committed to assisting any new or existing business in finding opportunities of prosperity, and will partner with individuals, businesses, and governments -- locally and throughout the region -- to build capacity of the entrepreneurial spirit. Please have a look through our website for information about Carbon County and the State of Wyoming. We also invite you to become an investor in our "Moving Forward Together" initiative, our 5-year economic development program aimed at bringing in 200 new higher-paying jobs to Carbon County.

Also see why Carbon County may become the Wind Capital of the Country with the various wind projects under development in the project page and maps!

Carbon County, located in the south central part of Wyoming has a population of 15,689. The south part of the county borders Colorado. The total land area is 7,896 square miles making it the third largest county in the state. Rawlins is the county seat with a population of 9,227. Carbon County is named for the coal beds located in the area.

CCEDC serves the following communities:

Baggs Encampment

Rawlins Savery
Dixon Hanna RiversideSinclair
Elk Mountain

Medicine Bow
Saratoga Carbon County

If you have any questions about how CCEDC can help you find OPPORTUNITY in Carbon County Wyoming, please call 307-324-3836, or use our online contact form. Also check out our upcoming happenings and events below!